Election 2020

The Nov. 3 general election is approaching, and many people have questions. We are providing answers to questions, guidelines and links to other sources. If you have any questions, please post in the comments field and we will try to answer them.

How to Vote

From the Suffolk County Board of Elections

Three ways  Suffolk County voters can cast ballots in the Nov. 3 election:
    1. On Election Day– November 3, 2020 at your polling place. – Each of Suffolk County’s 336 polling places will be clean, safe and secure. To confirm your polling place location click here
    2. During Early Voting – Oct. 24 through Nov.1 – Voters may vote at any one of the 12 Early Voting locations throughout Suffolk County which will be clean, safe and secure. Booths, privacy sleeves and pens will be continuously sanitized.
      For a list of Early Voting Poll locations, click here. In Spanish.
      For more information about Early Voting, click here.
    3. By Absentee Ballot – In addition to existing reasons to obtain an absentee ballot, New York State has proscribed that “illness” shall include the “risk of contracting or spreading a disease that may cause illness to the voter or to other members of the public.
      For more information about voting by Absentee Ballot, click here.

*To request an absentee ballot, click absenteeballot.elections.ny.gov

**If you are visually impaired or otherwise disabled, such that your disability requires you to use an accessible absentee ballot application, you can request an Accessible Electronic Ballot by clicking here.


On Your Ballot

Type in your address to see all the candidates on your ballot

When the ballot becomes available from the Suffolk County Board of Elections, we will post to this page.

Two Suffolk County propositions:

2020 General Propositions

Suffolk County Propositions
Resolution No. 442-2020, “A Charter Law To Change The Legislative Term Of Office From Two (2) Years To Four (4) Years”

Shall Resolution No. 442-2020, Adopting a Charter Law to
Change the Legislative Term of Office for County Legislators
from Two (2) Years to Four (4) Years be approved?

Resolución N° 442-2020, “Estatutos para cambiar el mandato legislativo de dos (2) años a cuatro (4) años”

¿Debería ser aprobada la Resolución N° 442-2020, al adoptar una Ley de la Constitución para cambiar el mandato legislativo de los legisladores del condado de dos (2) años a cuatro (4) años?

Resolution No. 547-2020, “A Charter Law to Transfer Excess Funds in the Sewer Assessment Stabilization Reserve Fund to the Suffolk County Taxpayer Trust Fund and to Eliminate the Requirement that Interfund Transfers Be Made from the General Fund to the Sewer Assessment Stabilization Fund”

Shall Resolution No. 547-2020 be approved?

“La Resolución No. 547- 2020, “Estatutos para transferir fondos excedentes en el Fondo de Reserva de Estabilización y Evaluación del Alcantarillado, al Fondo Fiduciario de Contribuyentes del Condado Suffolk y para eliminar el requisito de que las Transferencias entre Fondos se hagan del Fondo General al Fondo de Estabilización y Evaluación del Alcantarillado”

¿Se debería aprobar la Resolución No. 547- 2020?

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