Elwood Schools Mark Memorial Day

The Elwood school district marked Memorial Day on Friday with the arrival of Marine helicopters, a silent drill team, a band and a salute to veterans.

The Marine contingents were led by the arrival of Lt. Gen. Brian W. Cavanaugh, who singled out the Korea and Vietnam veterans in the crowd for recognition before he spoke to an an enthusiastic crowd of students, teachers, Board of Education trustees and staff members.

School superintendent Dr. Kenneth Bossert and school board president James Tomeo also addressed the crowd at John H. Glenn High School.

The silent drill platoon put on a demonstration of sharp, highly focused maneuvers, with the only sound that of hands sharply slapping against tossed rifles as the Marines marched across the football field.

The Marine band performed a medley of military and patriotic music before a smaller group of musicians went to the track and played several contemporary pieces for students, who responded with cheers and applause. The band then re-formed on the field, playing the Marine Corps Hymn as two helicopters appeared and settled onto school fields.

The school is named for the late John H. Glenn, a retired US senator and the first American astronaut to orbit Earth. He was a retired Marine who had served in World War II and the Korean War. He died in 2016.




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