Elwood Student Takes on e-Sports

An Elwood student participated this summer in an esports invitational, one of 56 chosen from a field of 10,000 candidates.

Alexander Luyster, a student at Elwood John Glenn High School, competed in the inaugural Esports Tower Summer Invitational. The  training and development event took place at Boise State University.
Ten university esports directors from institutions across the country provided the training. Daily team building and coaching talks with collegiate esports directors were designed to broaden the team and communication skills of the teens who participated.
Tournaments from the event will air throughout the summer on Esports Television’s (ESTV) global network (6-8PM PST) and on Esports Tower Twitch channel (6-8PM EST). Additionally, organizers used this event to film a docuseries designed to explain esports and varsity-level competitive gaming. Episodes are expected to air this fall on ESTV. Invitees came from the United States, Mexico, Canada, England, Wales, Norway, Sweden and Singapore.

“Parents are often surprised to learn over 420 colleges now offer esports programs and often esports scholarships too. However, most gamers who go it alone at home are ill-prepared for collegiate varsity gameplay. Organizations like Esports Tower help elevate high school gamers by providing the structure and training that helps prepare players just like traditional club-level sports,” said  Dr. Chris “Doc” Haskell, head coach of esports at Boise State.

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