Environmesch: Recycling Old Shoes

Did you know you can recycle your textiles, including shoes?

My running shoes have been through a half marathon, several 10Ks, and lots of training in between. They’re so worn out, that I can stick my fingers through the holes. I definitely can’t donate these so recycling is my next best option. When you can’t reuse, recycle! I brought these to the @bkgreenmarkets at Grand Army Plaza where they take textile recycling every Saturday.

Sadly, I had to buy new shoes because I have messed up bones in my feet (an issue from childhood that I never got corrected) and I rarely find shoes in normal stores that work, let alone second hand.

Our world isn’t a #zerowaste world (yet!) and it’s OK if we have to make compromises when needed.

You don’t have to be a perfectionist to get started on reducing your waste. I’m learning everyday and making changes where I can, but there aren’t available options in every category of our lives. Know that the best thing you can do is to educate yourself so that we can all do our best wherever we can, whenever we can.

Amanda is a former Huntington resident and an organizer for Vegan Long Island. Follow her blog on reducing waste and living an environmentally aware life at Enviromensch

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