Enviromensch: Skip the Straws


Plastic straws are not recyclable.

Ever since seeing a video with a turtle dying from the pain of one stuck in its nose, I decided to ditch them.

Amanda Lindner

Unfortunately, I keep finding them in my drinks almost every time I go out! Why is it automatic that we’re given straws? Last night I forgot to ask for “no straw” and sure enough, it was there sitting in my drink when it arrived, ugh.

I wish it were the other way around – that if you want a straw you have to ask for it. It would reduce literally tons of plastic waste if these straws weren’t automatically put in our drinks. A lot of restaurants have banned straws already and that’s awesome to see. I do love my stainless steel straw, but you really don’t need one. Just drink from the cup!

Amanda is a former Huntington resident and an organizer for Vegan Long Island. Follow her blog on reducing waste and living an environmentally aware life at Enviromensch


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