Enviromensch: Toss Those Plastic Razors

Bringing it back old school with my safety razor.

Amanda Lindner

The EPA estimates that 2 BILLION razors are thrown away each year. Worse is that they can’t be recycled because they’re made of multiple materials. And yes, that includes the expensive ones, not just the single blade disposable razors.

The blades of a safety razor are recyclable (collect them in a box or can so you’re not tossing loose blades in the recycle bin). Plus, this thing saves me a ton of money. I used to spend $30 a month on disposable razors. The blades on this cost just 10 cents!

Of course, you can also just skip shaving altogether too, which a lot of people do while Counting the Omer anyway?. Straight, short, even strokes are the best way to use this. It took some practice initially, but it’s quick to get the hang of. And yes, I use it to shave everywhere and it’s perfectly fine! I cut myself on my ankle twice, but I did that with my old razor too.

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