Enviromensch: Trade in that Hamburger

My Impossible burger at the Greenwood Park beer garden.

So awesome to have this nearby!

Amanda Lindner

If you want to save the planet, reducing and eliminating animal products is the first step. Animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gasses than all the world’s transportation combined.

Not to mention that the land, water, and air pollution created by this industry is destroying our resources. More so, there’s simply no need to kill animals for food in the 21st century.

Also, win with the compostable plate!


I’ve gotten so much better at saying “no straw, please” whenever I’m out. Luckily, the Greenwood Park beer garden also put my drink in their beer glass instead of the plastic cups they normally use for soft drinks (my alcohol tolerance has gone embarrassingly down since college). I always carry a stainless steel straw with me to avoid plastic ones. Mine came with a little straw cleaner too. I don’t believe in total straw bans since some people do need them for accessibility, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take accountability for my own use of them. Of course, you can also totally avoid the straw all together and just drink from the cup!

I just don’t like the ice hitting my teeth ?

Amanda is a former Huntington resident and an organizer for Vegan Long Island. Follow her blog on reducing waste and living an environmentally aware life at Enviromensch


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