Environmensch: Celebrating Chanukah

My maternal grandmother (who wasn’t Jewish) made this menorah and a pair of Shabbat candlestick holders for my mom, about 10 years after she converted to Judaism. This year, I was given it. I’m so happy to light it this year in my own home and have a little piece of her with me. I always knew having a mixed family was special, but this year, especially after Pittsburgh, and so many terrible violent acts against others, I’m incredibly grateful to have been shown throughout my childhood and adult life the true meaning of acceptance and love of all people, despite our differences.

And for those wondering, I use #vegan, #paraffinfree (meaning #petroleumfree) wax candles from @goodlightcandles. Happy Hanukkah!

Amanda is a former Huntington resident and an organizer for Vegan Long Island. Follow her blog on reducing waste and living an environmentally aware life at Enviromensch

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