Example of What This Would Look Like

Google map

This is a test and example of how you can contribute information to HuntingtonNow.com  UPDATE with sponsorship line in caption.

You can add a photo or two directly into this box by clicking the button “add media”. If it’s an image that’s already been used on the site, go to the media library; if you’re adding a photo for the first time, follow the directions on how to upload.

Photos that appear as the main image and on the main page go in the area to the right marked “set featured image”.

This image can be a standardized photo we use each time; it will carry a small logo “sponsored”. Or you can add a new one to each post. So one main photo and then up to two inside the text. As you can see, I added a retail building photo at the top of the text and one of leaves at the bottom, to show you how your content might display.

I advise against trying to sink a photo into the body of the text itself. Many of our readers view the site on their photos;  a photo into the text so that an image runs next to the text would be way too small or overwhelm the type. 

We will also had a sentence at the bottom of each story that says something like  “This information is provided by Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty in Cold Spring Harbor and can include links and phone number as you’d like.


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