Experts Warn of Super Bowl Parties Spreading Virus

With Huntington residents getting ready for Super Bowl VL on Sunday, medical experts around the country are warning against spreading the Covid-19 virus.
Dr. Michael Grosso, medical director at Huntington Hospital, said that football fans should maintain social distancing if they want to have parties, and limit the number of people who attend. Good hand hygiene and masks for all if everyone isn’t a part of the same household remain important.
Better yet, he suggested, the same technology that people are using for work and school can be put to use.
“It’s very hard to eat the sliders and chips with masks on, so we would encourage virtual parties,” he said. So Zoom or other technologies are good alternatives to getting together in person.
Turning a party into a mini-spreader of the virus event wasn’t his only concern.
Those foods that typically line the table for a Super Bowl party? Grosso says he’s glad that the party snacks, rich foods and alcohol aren’t what dominate our daily diets.

CDC Super Bowl tips

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