Former Huntington Landmark to Be Torn Down

A home once designated as a landmark will be torn down because of its dilapidated condition, the Huntington Town Board decided last week.

The Creek Road home, which once belonged to Peter Crippen, a formerly  enslaved man and a founder of the Bethel AME Church in Huntington, has been empty for decades. While it was designated a landmark in 2008, the classification was removed in 2016 because of its deteriorated condition and because his descendants wanted to sell the property.

The roof has collapsed in on the structure, which includes a grist mill and living space, and is partially sunken into the ground.

Crippen bought the property in 1864. 

  The property, which sits near the sewage plant, will become a parking lot once the building is torn down.

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  1. We owe these people who have been abused for hundreds of years. They are now finally emerging and
    scaring the hell out of the “White Supremacy” who is faced with competing. How dare those who object
    the Town of Huntington restoring The Peter Crippin House. Wake up American ethnic integration, protected by the Constitution, is here to stay.

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