Friday’s the Last Day to Register to Vote in November

Friday is the deadline to register to vote, by mail or in person.

Here is what you need to know to be able to vote in the Nov. 3 election.

Qualifications to Register to Vote

  • be a United States citizen;
  • be 18 years old (you may pre-register at 16 or 17 but cannot vote until you are 18);
  • resident of this state and the county, city or village for at least 30 days before the election;
  • not be in prison or on parole for a felony conviction (unless parolee pardoned or restored rights of citizenship);
  • not be adjudged mentally incompetent by a court;
  • not claim the right to vote elsewhere.

 How to register

To register online, you will need:

    • NYS driver license, permit, or non-driver ID card
    • ZIP Code currently on record with the DMV
    • Social security number

You can register in person at your county board of elections or at any New York State Agency-Based voter registration center.

We are building a page of links of information about American elections, where to find local and national voting results, polling results and more. It is still under construction but you can view it now and watch it grow. Suggestions welcome.

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