From The Times on World Press Freedom Day: Support Local Journalism

May 3 is World Press Freedom Day and The New York Times is observing it by encouraging readers to support local news organizations, including

Times Publisher A.G. Sulzberger noted the financial pressures on news organizations; weeklies, dailies and digital news sites are all struggling , many fighting to just remain open as advertising disappears.

He wrote, “Like many of my colleagues at The Times, I spent years working in local news. We know firsthand the essential role original, quality news organizations play in communities across the nation.  And we’ve been distressed to watch as the pressure on local news continues to rise through the pandemic, leading to an estimated 36,000 journalists being laid off or furloughed in a matter of months. We hope we can help by raising awareness of the importance of supporting local news organizations.”

The Times’ campaign includes a database of local news organizations generated from the member lists of The Institute for Nonprofit News, Local Independent Online News Publishers, and the News Media Alliance. A publisher is eligible to appear in this database if it provides general interest news coverage for a community, city, state, or localized region. The database will be searchable by organization name and location, and will surface links homepages and subscription or donation pages. Local media included in the database are and Newsday.

 As a local site, we believe in making our reporting available to everyone, but we need your help to keep going and do better. With reader support, can expand our coverage. 

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  1. Just in time to mention for World Press Freedom Day, the screening of the movie called Ithaka. It’s a Documentary about the world’s most famous political prisoner, Julian Assange and his family’s plight for his freedom.
    Assange is the multi award winning, 7X Nobel Peace Prize nominated Australian journalist and publisher who started WikiLeaks and also invented the secure drop box that is still used today to secure anonymity for whistleblowers.
    MARCH 18th at 7PM at the Cinema Arts Centre, located at 423 Park Avenue, Huntington, NY.
    Tickets are selling fast.
    THIS showing includes a Question and Answer period with Julian’s father and brother, John and Gabriel Shipton following the film.
    The NYTimes, the Guardian, Le Monde, Der Spiegel and El Pais’ editor’s have all penned a letter to US President Joe Biden calling for the unjust extradition request and all charges to be dropped. This is a full frontal attack on your First Amendment.
    As journalists it is incumbent upon you to support the freedom of Julian Assange now.

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