Greenlawn Concert to Benefit Ukrainian Charities

A Russian and a Ukrainian musician will come together to perform a benefit concert May 20 in Greenlawn.

Nataliya Medvedovskaya, a pianist and composer who is Russian, and Veronica Kaninska, a soprano who is Ukrainian, will perform a mix of music, including Russian, Ukrainian and international classical works.

The concert is a product of Long Island Philharmonia, said Doug Hoppe, executive director of LI Philharmonia and Nassau Philharmonia.  He said he had met the two musicians separately years ago. “They make good music, they have a great professional relationship,” he said, noting that Medvedovskaya, who is not an American citizen, could face serious consequences if she were to return to Russia.

Hoppe said that the concert at St. Francis of Assisi Church is free, but is looking for donations and sponsors to defray the costs of the performance, with proceeds going to the Red Cross and local Ukrainian charities.

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