Gross Concedes in Democratic Primary for Town Board

Hunter Gross  conceded the Democratic primary Tuesday, finishing third in a bid for one of two open seats on the Huntington Town Board.

Gross ran on the Democratic line in the June 22 primary  against Jen Herbert, the former Huntington school board president who finished first, and Joe Schramm, a Northport businessman.

“With all the votes counted, it is clear that this was not our time. While the race is over and the election is decided, my fight for the working people of our Town will continue,” Gross said. “Although the votes came up short, I do not consider this race a failure. We have laid out progressive and transformative policies that I hope are implemented in Huntington. My team and I are proud to have started conversations and led debates around robust plans that will help our Town prosper.

“We have worked hard and will continue to fight for what is right. I may not be Huntington’s next town councilman, but this Town will always have in me, and my team, a group of passionate, devoted, and forward-thinking defenders,” Gross said.

“I would like to thank everyone that supported me in this race, as well as congratulate the victors and wish them the best in the general election. I am hopeful for the future, and am excited to see progress in the Town of Huntington.”

On Facebook, Hebert wrote, “Thank you, Hunter. I appreciate the phone call as well, that was very gracious. As I said when we spoke, you brought a lot of energy and great ideas to this election and I thank you for that.”

The decision finalizes the lineup for the November election, with Hebert and Schramm on the ballot with Rebecca Sanin, who is running for town supervisor. Republicans are Sal Ferro and Dr. David Bennardo, running for Town Board, and Ed Smyth, who is seeking to become supervisor.

With the departures of long-serving councilman Mark Cuthbertson, who chose to run for the Suffolk Legislature, and Town Supervisor Chad Lupinacci, the five-member board will have two, and possibly three, new faces by January. Of the six candidates, only Smyth has served on the Town Board.

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