Hauntington Village Lives Up to Its Name

No, that’s not a typo. That’s how to spell Huntington  when the Children’s Halloween costume parade creeps from the Post Office to the intersection of Wall Street and Main.

Morolay Children’s Boutique, run by the Casabona family, is one of many stores that gave out candy Wednesday. This year, Morolay treated kids to Tootsie Rolls, Twix, Kit Kats, M & Ms, and lollipops.

That is not the only way in which the Casabonas participated. Their store opened as usual at 10:30am, but then closed for the parade, so that Leah, dressed as a gypsy; Robert, disguised as a space traveler; their dog Lela, a pizza delivery person for the day; and their daughter Monica, accompanied by her boyfriend Tom Bruni, could get out and enjoy the festivities, going back to the store afterward to distribute their remaining treats. The Casabonas have attended the parade every year since it started.

It wasn’t just Huntington people present, though. Doris and Natali of East Norwich, and Michael, Helena, Mishu, and Gabi, of Oyster Bay, all pictured in the featured photo, also came, and for the first time.

At a table sandwiched between Starbucks and Finnegan’s, Huntington Councilman Edmund Smyth was offering a variety of sweets. When asked, he said his favorite was Butterfinger. He added, “It’s a great day to eat too much candy, to not do your homework, and to go to bed without brushing your teeth.”

From left to right: Michael, Leah, and Monica Casabona (who is holding dog Lela); Tom Bruni

From left to right: the Casabonas; Tom Bruni

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