Helpers to the Rescue When Christmas Gifts Go Astray in Northport

Santa’s helpers, not Grinches, came to the rescue of a family that had lost several Christmas presents in Northport earlier this week.

Northport police said  that at 11:10 PM on Christmas night, an SUV traveling across Main Street on Woodbine Avenue accidentally dumped several Christmas parents when its hatchback opened.
Police said the occupants of the car  were apparently unaware of their loss and the vehicle proceeded on its way.

Several cars passed by the presents, but within about a minute, another vehicle’s occupants–two men and a woman—stopped and got out, collected the wrapped presents and delivered them to the police station. They later posted to Facebook about the found presents, and shortly thereafter, the owners called the department and retrieved their gifts.

“It’s apparent that these were Elves, who were on their way back to the North Pole, when they stopped to spread just a little more Christmas cheer for total strangers,” Northport Police Chief Bill Ricca said.

The helpers prefer to remain anonymous. The entire event was captured on police video surveillance system.

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