Henry Schein Case Before the U.S. Supreme Court

A case involving Henry Schein Inc. was heard at by the U.S. Supreme Court Monday  involving arbitration and Archer and White Sales Inc.

Scotusblog summed the case up this way: “When one party wants to take a dispute to arbitration but the other party disagrees, how do courts decide whether a particular dispute should be decided by a court or sent to arbitration?”

The case developed when Archer and White Sales, Inc., which distributes dental equipment, sued Henry Schein and other dental equipment manufacturers, claiming  violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Archer and White sought damages and injunctive relief for continuing violations, but Henry Schein moved to compel arbitration.

A post at the University of Missouri School of Law read, “The Supreme Court’s ultimate decision in Henry Schein v Archer and White Sales, Inc., is likely to both resolve the current circuit-split surrounding the “wholly groundless” doctrine and have a significant impact on the question of whether the arbitrator or a court determines the arbitrability of certain matters.”

There was no indication of when a decision would be reached. Henry Schein is a Melville-based distributor of health care products and services.

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