Hiring in Huntington: Requirements Vary on Covid-19 Vaccination

Anyone looking for a job online can expect to run into a variety of rules around Covid-19 vaccine requirements.

Many companies connected with medical services are firm in requiring proof of vaccination of all employees. “UnitedHealth Group requires all new hires and employees to report their COVID-19 vaccination status,” says a United Health Group posting for a data entry clerk.

A listing for a dining service manager at a senior living facility in Commack says positions require proof of a Covid-19 vaccination. But the post makes a point of adding, “Where permitted by law, applicants who are offered a position for this account will be asked about their vaccination status, which must meet minimum business requirements. All religious, medical, or other legally recognized exemptions regarding vaccination status will be considered.”

Some jobs, including  transportation and Amazon warehouse work around the region, are offering a bonus of $100 or more to new workers who can provide proof of vaccination.

Retail Sales, Verizon

In this role you will:

  • Provide customers with products and solutions
  • Generate sales
  • Assist with store opening and closing duties.
  • Support other Verizon stores

Warehouse Associate, Valley Industrial Products

Shipping, receiving experience is a plus. Must be able to communicate, read and write in English. Position includes lifting heavy boxes.

Auto Parts Department Stock/Counter

Check in and label all parts orders that arrive in Dealership
o Process all returns to Manufactures
o Organize stock/ inventory by bin location
o Keep receiving area clear of debris and organized
o Lock up and close down stairs
o Pull all parts for Shipment / Delivery / Repair Order
o Fill in on Parts Counter as needed
o Handle customer service issues up to $100.00
o Receive UPS packages and deliver to correct area
o Rotate Special order bins by week
o Document all parts being returned to stock
o Fill in on Counter as needed

Cashiers, Island Thrift

Production employees responsibilities include but are not limited to:
-Sorting merchandise.
-Pricing merchandise.
-Placing merchandise on the sales floor.
Cashiers responsibilities include but are not limited to:
-Ringing customers up.
-Help putting merchandise out on the sales floor.
-Tidying up the store.

Advertising Sales Executive, Best Version Media


  • Strong sales stamina: You are a motivating communicator with plenty of grit.
  • Old-school work ethic: You take the tools learned in training and make it happen.
  • A desire to make connections: You enjoy building relationships and connecting to others.



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