Holiday Highlights: Bliss Pastries’ Gluten-Free Lineup

Bliss Pastries is offering corporate gift boxes of its gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and brownies this year for the holidays.

Owner Stacy Malinow of Dix Hills said, “You don’t have to be gluten free to love our desserts.”  She launched her business in  February of 2021.  “I started the company after learning to bake gluten free for my daughter in 2005 when she was diagnosed with celiac disease,” she said.

“I’m not gluten free so I knew what good desserts tasted like and didn’t want my daughter to miss out,” she said. “After perfecting my recipes, many people commented how good my desserts were and that they couldn’t tell they were gluten free.”

Bliss won Best Gluten Free Menu in the Best of LI contest last year.

Bliss Pastries can be reached at, or by email at [email protected], or  917.972.0377. They’re also on Facebook at

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