Hospital Fundraiser Postponed by Weather Forecast

A huge holiday display set to raise funds this evening a hospital has been postponed because of a weather forecast of  rain.

Elwood school board member James Tomeo and his wife, Karissa,  put together the display to honor his late mother, Jacki, and to raise funds for Cohen Children’s Hospital.

The display, is now scheduled for next Saturday  from 5:30 to 9 p.m., set up at 16 Mansfield Lane South, East Northport.

“Karissa and I truly enjoy spreading holiday cheer around our community. There’s nothing like seeing the kids faces light up and families coming by to take pictures and enjoy the season together,” Tomeo said. “There’s no video games, no texting or snap chat, it’s just a special family memory that they get to make. We also love that we get to raise money for a great medical center and enjoy watching our community rally together and support the children.”


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