Hospital Workers Show Seniors Some Extra Care

Two Huntington Hospital workers have pulled together a project to take care of senior citizens and send a message of support to them and the community.
With the help of Merrick school teacher Kristin O’Leary, Erin Whelan and Amanada McCrea 
are raising funds and putting together car packages for distribution by the Huntington Senior Center. The packages contain such basics as toilet paper, peanut and jelly, cookies, coffees, soup, pasta, wipes, personalized notes and mac ‘n cheese. 
Each package costs about $17 and the three are raising funds to support the continuation of the project.
Whelan, a phlebotomist, said the idea behind the project was to help seniors obtain some of the items they need, keeping them safe at home as well as help them get some of the staples they need. “Sometimes people seem a little lost in supermarkets, with things missing,” she said.
The project also allows people to contribute to others in their community. “People don’t know how to help but this is a nice outlet,” she said. “We’re helping our seniors, protecting our community  and helping to focus on something positive. The stress (of the epidemic) can get get overwhelming.”
McCrea, who works in central processing at the hospital, said, “For me, it’s trying to keep seniors safe and at home but also trying to help wit nutritional needs and basic necessities.”
They have delivered 66 packages this week and hope to have enough for about 240 more people who are served by the center.

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