Housing: Where the Rentals Are in Huntington

Editor’s Note: With housing a perennial topic of debate in Huntington, but with Gov. Kathy Hochul pressuring communities to create more, we’re taking a look at various aspects of the issue in Huntington with a series of articles throughout the year. It is clear that there are multiple viewpoints on the matter, getting to the heart of what residents want the town to be now and in the future. We welcome all opinions, letters and story suggestions from those who want to be heard on this matter.

The Town of Huntington requires the registration of homes offered by rent that are not occupied by their owners.

A list of registered rentals shows 1,400 homes scattered throughout nearly every part of Huntington within the town, though not those within the villages such as Lloyd Harbor or Northport.

Homes that are not occupied by their owners must register with the town and undergo an inspection to receive a rental permit. But they are not subject to all of the same rules as those needed for accessory apartments.

The town public safety office said it could not provide a list of houses by ZIP Code, or identify which owners have more than one property. It also said it could not indicate the types of housing–multifamily or single-unit, for example. But each property can be looked up on the town’s website at https://www.huntingtonny.gov/content/13876/19426/21467.aspx

What the list shows is a concentration of rental properties in certain communities or neighborhoods, such as East Northport or Huntington Station, even as rentals can be found in such areas as Dix Hills, Halesite and Melville.

Other neighborhoods that appear to have no rentals could still have them if the owner occupies part of the house. Homes with accessory apartments are listed separately.

Some rentals stand as the only such property in some areas. But others show multiple rental homes in close proximity. In some neighborhoods, according to tax bills, many homes are registered corporate owners or to LL.Cs. Other neighborhoods show  multiple properties registered to the same people, some local, some out of the area. 

In East Northport, with 176 registered rental homes, Roosevelt Avenue, for example, has rental homes at 28, 41, 42, 43, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, and 51. Still others are scattered along Larkfield Road, 13 houses from 37-39 to 792. Upland shows 10 such rental homes along three-tenths of a mile, from house numbers 10 to 90.

Dix Hills,which has 33 units on the list, has three in the same neighborhood, at 16, 22 and 23 Yorktown, while the rest are spread around the community.

In Centerport, five rentals can be found on Washington Drive, and three each on Adams and McKinleyTerrace, for a total of 42 in the hamlet.

Huntington Station has 536 houses registered as rentals, with 18 along Pulaski Avenue; 25 on New York Ave., from houses numbered from 1000 to 2400; another 14 on Depot Road; 10 on Columbia St.; and many lining East 8th and East 9th Streets and other numbered streets in the hamlet.

Halesite shows just seven rentals.

Elsewhere in  Huntington, where 399 rental properties are recorded, certain streets stand out with several such properties: Nassau Road (15), Sammis Street (8) and Spring Road (10); From 1 East Main to 432 West Main, 20 rental properties are recorded, many owned by LL.Cs.

Some streets that have multiple rental houses listed are actually the site of developments, such as townhouses, not individual structures.

Melville, with 53 registered rentals, has six homes, townhouses, on Brattle Circle.

In Northport, outside the village borders, 50 homes are identified as rentals, while in Greenlawn, with 45 units, multiple rentals can be found  on Broadway, Sinclair, Railroad and Pulaski.

Commack has 22 listed rentals, including four spread out on Wicks Road; Cold Spring Harbor has 15, including two with Main Street addresses.




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