How To: Remove a Tree in the Town of Huntington

Removing a tree from your property in the Town of Huntington isn’t as easy as just getting out your chainsaw.

Unless you live in one of the villages which are not covered by the regulations, you will most likely need a permit from the town, which involves filling out an application, and providing  several pieces of information, including a survey for the property.

There are several  rules in place governing their removal to protect the environment, the town says,  “The Town Board hereby finds that the indiscriminate and excessive cutting of trees and shrubs, or specimen trees, results in increased municipal costs for the control of drainage and erosion and impairs the natural scenic and aesthetic qualities of the environment, which the Town is obligated to protect.”

If a qualified arborist has determined that the tree is dead or dying, or hazardous, there is no fee.

The town permits are valid for one year.

Some entities are exempt from the permit requirement, including utilities, those confronting an emergency, and farms and nurseries.

tree permit

This post is part of a series about how to get things done or that you might want to know about in the Town of Huntington.  Details are from the Town of Huntington website.




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