How To: Rent Space at Coindre Hall

The Town of Huntington Parks and Recreation will occasionally rent out space in Coindre Hall when it is not being used for town programs.

The 8,800-square foot gm can be used for fitness classes, basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis and other sports.

Classrooms of 602 square feet of space can be used for small meetings and instructional classes.

Programs which are operated or sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department will be designated get first priority, followed by those seeking longterm rentals. and organizations with memberships primarily drawn from the Town of Huntington. The gym is used for fitness classes, after school sports for children, Gold Star Camp, and adult sports leagues.

Coindre Hall is owned by Suffolk County.



Suffolk County Outlines Plans for Coindre Hall Park Restoration

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  1. Coindre Hall is in a sorry state because the county all but abandoned it, but now they want to make money off it?
    They’re spending tons of money to fix a flood zone sea wall while the mansion rots! Horrible leadership!

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