ADJOURNED: ZBA Hearing on Apartment Project Postponed


UPDATED: The Zoning Board of Appeals adjourned its public hearing into a proposed 84-unit apartment building Thursday after hundreds of residents packed the hearing room while hundreds more were left in the hallway trying to hear the proceedings.

Opponents said the project, which involves five parcels on Stewart Avenue,  Main and Gerard streets, is far too large for the retail area.

Developer John Kean and property owner Alan Fromkin want to convert the space for a mix of residential and retail and argue it is the best use for the area.

The project requires ZBA approval for variances on building height and parking requirements.

Before the hearing opened, Chairman John Posilico cautioned the crowd to let speakers be heard but began by explaining the development of zoning rules. He was soon interrupted by a woman annoyed at what she called a history lesson.

At that point attorney James Margolin, representing the development, spoke, addressing the overall development, parking issues and the placement of apartments.

As Margolin wrapped up his presentation, Posilico learned that the sound was not carrying out into the hallway, where hundreds who had hoped to get in the room and possibly be heard could not hear what was going on.

After a brief discussion about moving the hearing elsewhere, Posilico suggested an adjournment, which the board discussed and quickly approved.  As a result, no one else addressed the board.

There was no date set for the adjourned hearing.

About three hours before the Zoning Board of Appeals public hearing got underway, the Town of Huntington released a video from the Planning Board members who voted 5-1 Wednesday to “strongly recommend” that the ZBA reject all variances needed for the project.


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