Huntington Adds App for Metered Parking Payments

Huntington is rolling out an app to pay for metered parking at the Long Island Rail Road station and in Huntington Village.

The Passport Parking app was first tested starting Oct. 17 at the LIRR station and has since expanded to downtown. The town expects to complete the installation of app decals on parking meters and on the numbered poles marking metered parking spaces in Huntington village this week.

“We did a quiet launch to work out any issues with the deployment before promoting it to the public and it appears that the app has been very well-received – it’s very easy to use,” said Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci. “We’re already seeing people use the app in Huntington village, where our team is completing signage installation but the app is already active.”

Zones are broken down by street.

The Zone decals on the numbered poles in the village will be visible from the street as the driver pulls into the space, enabling payment from a cell phone inside the vehicle. Standalone Zone signs will also be installed in the various zones in the village after the decal placement is completed.



  •       Broadway: Zone # 11722
  •       Municipal Lot 15: Zone # 11721
  •       Railroad Street: Zone # 11722


  •          Clinton Avenue: Zone # 11728
  •          East Carver Street: Zone # 11726
  •          Elm Street: Zone # 11725
  •          Gerard Street: Zone # 11729
  •          Green Street: Zone # 11728
  •          Main Street (Route 25A): Zone # 11724
  •          New Street: Zone # 11727
  •          New York Avenue: Zone # 11723
  •          Wall Street: Zone # 11727
  •          West Carver Street: Zone # 11726


Residents can download the app, found on the App Store or the Google Play Store, then enter the corresponding Zone number, their Space number, the length of stay (with the ability to add time later via the app), and payment info to complete the transaction.

Passport Parking is active for all metered parking at the Huntington LIRR train station and in Huntington village. 




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