Huntington Chamber of Commerce Member Spotlight: PilatesFitLife

PilatesFitLife, located at 29 Southdown Road Suite, Huntington. is a Pilates Studio run by Donna McKenna. In the fitness world for over 14 years, Donna McKenna knows the importance of a healthy, balanced life and, she teaches that belief to her clients.

Opened two years ago, Donna offers private and semi-private classes in her studio. Unlike other gyms or studios, Donna focuses her attention on her client and their specific needs. Each class is customized, giving Donna the ability to work with clients at different levels at the same time. From athletes to those who have pain or just want to strengthen their body, Donna prides herself on caring for her clients’ goals as much as her own. Her success is their success.

For Donna, it is not just about what’s accomplished during the studio time with clients. Her ethos is to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle all around and, that is what she encourages those who attend her gym. With five Pilate Reformer machines and the studio outfitted to protect clients during their workouts, PilatesFitLife offers a safe and comfortable environment.

We recently met with Donna to learn more about her studio, her goals, and how her business has changed amidst the global pandemic. We learned about the measures she has taken to make her studio safe for clients: from installing a new HVAC system, finding a unique way to protect clients in between the Reformer machines, and adding more time in between classes to give her more time to wipe down everything to the highest efficiency, Donna has gone above and beyond to create an escape for her clients.

While pilates helps people strengthen and lengthen their body, it’s Donna who makes the difference at PilatesFitLife. She lifts people and celebrates her clients in a personal way.

You can learn more about PilatesFitLife by watching our video below.


29 Southdown Road Suite 1, Huntington

(917) 859-4322

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