Huntington Chamber of Commerce Member Spotlight: offers IT infrastructure and consulting services designed to ensure your technology is always running at peak efficiency. We clarify and simplify the technology you need and use so your staff can focus on the core of your business.

We recently sat down with Shreena Binda and Michael Maser to learn more about their business. Located in Digital Ballpark in Plainview, UoTech has made a name for itself in the digital world. is an employee-owned and operated IT Consultancy, Managed IT Services, and Managed Security Services Provider. However, what makes UoTech different is its belief in collaboration. Michael and Shreena built the business to be collaborative and have created an employee-owned business model. Much like a circuit board, every piece is valuable, and UoTech values the input and ideas that keep their circuit board whole.

The goal at UoTech is to keep your business running. A challenge they accepted when the pandemic first took effect. Like many businesses, the owners had to pivot to maintain their workload and help their clients move to a virtual setting virtually. They succeeded, and now with a new office in Digital Ballpark, UoTech is ready to expand, grow, and continue to be innovative, approachable, reliable, and collaborative in the new year.

You can learn more about UoTech (including how they got their name!) in the link below!

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Each week, the staff at the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce meet with one of their members to learn more about their business or service. In the midst of one of the most taciturn years to date, it’s more important than ever to support our small businesses. By creating a spotlight that gives people the behind the scenes look at what makes a business whole allows people to see a different, more vulnerable side, to the storefront. This week, the Huntington Chamber met with UoTech.Co, an IT infrastructure and consulting service.

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