Huntington Doctors’ Diet Plan Targets ‘Quarantine 15’

Is working from home–or not working–causing you to eat too much during the Covid-19 epidemic?

Never fear, some Huntington doctors have a plan.

Suffolk County Legis. William R. Spencer, an otolaryngologist, and Dr. David Buchin, director of bariatric surgery at Huntington Hospital, announced a plan to tackle the “quarantine 15” problem, weight gained by people eating too much, and too much junk, during the shutdown. Obesity, they and other Covid-19 experts are warning, noted that obesity can a factor in severe or fatal Covid-19 cases.

“People are cooped up in their home and eating food that’s short of nutrition,” said Spencer, who is chair of the Suffolk County Legislature’s health committee. “COVID-19 has a much greater impact on people who have co-morbid conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and all of these things are associated with obesity.”

And Town Clerk Andrew Raia added a somber note, pointing out that he signs death certificates, including many for Covid-19 patients, advising everyone to take the weigh problem seriously.

The doctors’ plan for a voluntary, townside diet program tackles junk food and offers a program of virtual exercise, including yoga and other steps to help people get into shape. Buchin will offer  Facebook Live events, including the first on May 11. 

Free exercise classes will be offered by Phil and Stacey Sottile of Intelligent Fitness of East Northport and Jean Brown of Blue Lotus Center for Yoga and Arts of Huntington. To sign up, go here.

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