Huntington Elementary Students Will Soon Return to Classrooms Full Time

Elementary pupils in the Huntington school district will soon give up hybrid learning for a fulltime return to the classroom.

Starting Nov. 8, elementary students will either go all remote or return to classrooms on this schedule:

Monday, November 9 – grades 1 & 4
Monday, November 16 – grades 2 & 5
Monday, November 23 – grades 3 & 6

The district said  health screening forms must still be completed for each child each day.

Pupils who have been participating in the mix of in-person and remote classes but want to go all remote are asked to let their building principals know by Monday what their decision is. And parents are asked to commit to their decision for at least a semester.

Kindergarten students have been in class since the schools reopened in September.

Remote Learners Must Prove Vaccinations, Health Department Says



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