Huntington Hospital Among Those to Test Allowing Visitors to Return

Several New York hospitals, including Huntington Hospital, will test the feasibility of allowing visitors to return, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Tuesday.

Under the program, visitors will be required to wear personal protective equipment, including masks, and will be subject to temperature checks.

Of the 16 hospitals in the pilot program, only Huntington Hospital is in Suffolk.  Plainview is the only Nassau County hospital involved, while the rest are mainly in New York State and a handful other counties.

As of Tuesday, Huntington Hospital has 61 Covid-19 patients, while across the Northwell Health system, there are 886 infected patients. Huntington Hospital has so far discharged 663 Covid patients since the epidemic began. The Northwell system is leading the country in the number of Covid-19 patients it has treated.

Talking about the shutdown, he said, “We saved lives. iI we didn’t do what we did,” the number of of deaths would have risen. “Did it work? You’re darned right it worked.”

The Capital region is the next to be ready to reopen, leaving only Long Island, New York City and its northern suburbs still under lockdown.  Long Island is making great progress,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo also reiterated that he was supporting the return of professional sports, without fans, noting that some sports would be better able to adjust than others.



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