Huntington Hospital Limits Visitation Because of Covid-19 Spread

Huntington Hospital is limiting visitation because of the rise in the number of Covid-19 cases.

Dr. Michael B. Grosso, hospital medical director, said that the increasing spread of the virus means the hospital is seeing more Covid-19 patients admitted, either because they are primarily ill from the virus, or  has been found in patients admitted for other purposes.

As of Thursday, the hospital has 18 Covid-19 patients.

“Given everything that we’re seeing, and the expectation that the increase is going to continue, together with other hospitals in system and the state Department of Health, we’re again limiting visitation,” He said. “We think that’s very important, to protect our own staff and the community.”

That new rules mean that patients are limited to two visitors over a  four-hour period. Effective Monday, visitors have to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test result from within the last 72 hours.

Visitors must provide photo identification, and cannot eat anywhere in the hospital.

“It’s something we really struggle with because we know when people are sick in the hospital, they they need their families to the extent possible,” he said. “it’s very important to sustain that access that’s consistent with safety of patients and  the community.”

Grosso said he is particularly proud of the nursing staff for continuing to carry on as the epidemic wears on. He said the hospital encourages staffers to take care of themselves, take time off and spend time with their families.

“We’re really encouraging them to make sure when they’re out in public, to mask up.”
“The only other thing to say is we remain committed to promoting all the public health measures that we have all heard before. Masking, immunization, social distancing remain the keys.”


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