Huntington Hospital Meals Program Restarts

The team that organized hundreds of meals for Huntington Hospital workers this spring as the Covid-19 epidemic  overloaded the hospital announced Friday night that the program has restarted.

“This is the official bat signal,” the group said on its Facebook page. Donations have already begun to come in.

“If you will help us once again, we would like to see these first few weeks of this new year filled with the spirit of a community UNITED. Let’s support our restaurants through the uncertainty of January and show our healthcare heroes that we have not forgotten them,” the announcement said.

Theresa Sullivan, the mastermind to the program, said the group would continue to work with restaurants that previously participated.

Some donations had continued to come in after the program ended  this spring after eight weeks. And the restarted program got a start when Wok n Roll,  which hopes to open this month, responded to a request from the group by matching their $250 donation and sending 50 meals to the hospital for New Year’s.

The program helped feed the hospital staff while helping restaurants stay in business as they prepared and delivered food. “The restaurants are passionate about creating and putting out meals made with love. And the staff, they feel that snowball of energy in the meals received,” the meals program volunteers said.

The restart comes as Covid-19 cases are again surging on Long Island and across the country.

Restaurants that participated this spring:

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