Huntington Hospital Starts Wellness Initiative for Staff

Huntington Hospital’s Emergency Department has begun a wellness initiative for staff, with the intention of “improving mental health and decreasing stress and burnout” according to the hospital.

The idea for a staff wellness initiative came from the strain that workers faced during the height of the pandemic.

Drs. Jennifer Goebel and Douglas Barnaby distributed a survey amongst the staff asking what they would like to see offered in regard to health wellness and support. 

After receiving feedback, the choices were for a retreat at Hoyt Farm in Commack, a contest to see who takes the most steps, and virtual wellness workshops, where staff members will ‘listen to speakers on self care and wellness topics” according to Dr. Goebel.

The plan is to eventually make the wellness initiative available to staff members of all departments throughout the hospital. 

Funding for the wellness initiative was provided by Robert Schifellite, a Northport resident who was hospitalized with a serious case of Covid-19 in March.

After making a full recovery, he was “inspired by the quality care and empathy he received from the staff and felt inspired to donate a generous gift of $5,000 to fund the wellness initiative.” according to Pamela Mohr, The Senior Director of Development of the Hospital.  

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