Huntington Hospital to Suspend Visitation Because of Covid-19 Surge

Huntington Hospital said Tuesday that it would suspend hospital visitation as of Nov. 30, except under extraordinary circumstances.

In addition, outpatient radiology services are canceled effective Nov. 30.

Dr. Nick Fitterman, hospital executive director, said in a letter to patients and their families that the hospital will allow one support person for patients tin the Center for Mothers and Babies to remain through the patients’ hospital stay.

Surgical services are fully operational, Fitterman said. “Our staff will shepherd COVID-negative surgical patients through the hospital’s established safe pathways; these patients are separated from COVID patients and remain separated from any COVID patients during their entire stay,” he wrote.

“Huntington Hospital has remained a safe haven throughout the pandemic, effectively stopping transmission of the virus in the hospital setting.  Universal masking, protective eyewear, hand hygiene and social distancing are strictly enforced.  Advanced technologies ensure high level disinfection, protecting our staff and our patients. We remain confident in these practices, and that they will protect our patients from COVID-19 while in the hospital, just as they did in the spring.”

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