Huntington Housing Coalition Leader Steps Back

Roger Weaving has stepped down as president of the Huntington Township Housing Coalition, but he’s not going very far away.

He has become vice president of the organization, while Hunter Gross, who in 2020,sought a Democratic nomination for the Huntington Town Board, has succeeded him.

Gross, a native of Dix Hills and an alumnus of the Half Hollow Hills School District, will take on the job of leading the organization as the long-running Matinecock Court housing project in East Northport appears to be heading for yet another Town Board vote, and a plan for housing in Melville is surfacing.

Weaving described the group as a nonprofit organization of organizations, founded as an initiative by the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce.

The  coalition studies housing issues in Huntington, prepares studies and works to persuade local leaders to approve projects or change policies to make affordable housing more available.

For his part, Gross said, ““I look forward to ensuring the next Huntington Town Board does their duty of alleviating the housing crisis. I plan on engaging with residents to collectively put pressure on the board to take meaningful action, so we can stop losing young people, seniors and working families. The HTHC is a strong supporter of the Matrinecock Court development currently before the Town Board.”

“We’re excited to have Hunter lead us into 2022,”  Weaving said.  “He has spoken eloquently and passionately about the need for affordable housing both on the campaign trail and before the town board.”


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