Huntington Launches Film-TV Office

Huntington launched its new office of film and television Thursday and issued an invitation to Hollywood to visit Huntington.

Supervisor Ed Smyth and Joe Schramm, the director of the new office, touted the sites, scenery and the proximity of Huntington for New York-based production crews. The launch party was held at Rozewood Farm in Cold Spring Harbor.

“We are now open for business,” Schramm said.

Smyth has taken up repeating a description of Huntington as the “epicenter of culture on Long Island” and is an enthusiastic booster of the entertainment initiative, citing the economic advantages and sense of pride in the town.

Several films or television shows have already been shot in town, including, recently, an episode of American Horror Story, last week and Netflix series, Jigsaw, las year.

Netflix Series ‘Jigsaw’ Filming in Huntington

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