Huntington Leaders Will Wait Their Turn for Covid-19

Huntington town leaders say they support the Covid-19 vaccine but will wait their turn before rolling up their sleeves to receive theirs.

They won’t be jumping to the front of the vaccination line under any continuity of government program that has given national government leaders priority to receive the vaccine. Some applauded the example they were setting while others complained that frontline workers should go first.

Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci said, “While I do expect to take the vaccine, I don’t plan to receive it until those at the highest risk have had the opportunity to do so. I believe the first priority for vaccine recipients should be for high-risk, elderly and frontline, especially healthcare workers and first responders. Until then we have the appropriate precautions in place at Town facilities to ensure our residents and staff are protected.”

Town Councilwoman Joan Cergol  said she is on board with receiving the vaccine when it’s her turn and addressed concerns about the vaccine. She said, “I have not received the vaccine (as I am not among the high risk priority groups.) However, I will most certainly get the vaccine once it becomes available to the general population.

“I understand there are those who harbor concerns and skepticism about the vaccine, and I would encourage anyone in this group to do their homework to learn more, and also, to separate the fact from the fiction.

“Following my own research, I am confident that the vaccine is the only way to protect ourselves and others from COVID, and the best path to pull ourselves out of this still ongoing and deadly worldwide health pandemic. And for our most vulnerable groups, it is of course an absolute MUST.”

And Councilman Mark Cuthbertson called the vaccine “tremendously valuable”  that he will receive when it’s his turn and said it “will allow us to get back to a more normal lifestyle.”

Councilmen Ed Smyth and Gene Cook did not respond to questions about the vaccine.


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