Huntington Man to Testify Before House Committee

John Cronin, who has made a national name for himself marketing his John’s Crazy Socks, will testify before the U.S. House Committee on Small Business on Wednesday.

Cronin, who has Down Syndrome, and his father, Mark, will speak on the hearing titled “Ready, Willing, and Able to Work: How Small Businesses Empower People with Developmental Disabilities.” The Cronins will speak about how employing individuals with disabilities has contributed to the success of their small business, which operates in Melville.

John Cronin said, “Every day, we work to show what is possible and I am excited to tell the members of Congress about my business and the work my colleagues do.” Founded in December 2016, John’s Crazy Socks has grown to ship over 98,000 orders and to earn $3.7 million in revenue. The business has created 33 jobs, 15 of which are held by people with differing ability.

Former president George H.W. Bush wore a pair of socks featuring the Cronins’ work at the funeral for his wife, Barbara.

The father-son team will also talk about problems with laws that force people with disabilities to choose between work and benefits and  provide a disincentive to employment.

John and Mark Cronin will also be speaking for the National Down Syndrome Society when they appear before Congress. NDSS President and CEO Sara Hart Weir said, “John Cronin is a prime example of how an individual with Down syndrome is breaking barriers to prove that individuals with Down syndrome are ready, willing and able to work. People like John are why NDSS strives to create a world in which all individuals with Down syndrome can become valued members of communities — including within the workforce.”

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