Huntington School Superintendent Resigns

Christian Bowen, who became superintendent of the Huntington school district in September, resigned Wednesday.

Meeting in a special  session Wednesday morning, the Board of Education accepted the resignation, and named Dr. Alan Groveman interim superintendent, effective Thursday.

The board hired an attorney in April to investigate what it referred to as “issues.” Since then, rumors have swirled around the district that the superintendent was being investigated over conduct issues.

Bowen joined the district in July and served temporarily as a deputy superintendent while then-superintendent James W. Polansky finished his duties and retired in early September. Bowen then took over.

Groveman, a resident of Elwood who has served as interim superintendent in other districts, including Garden City, will be paid up to $1,000 a day. He also was superintendent in Connetquot schools.

Later Wednesday, Board president Xavier Palacios issued a letter that read,

“Dear Community,
“You may have already learned that Superintendent Christian Bowen has submitted his resignation, effective immediately. In the best interest of the Huntington School District, the Board has appointed Dr. Alan Groveman, long time Superintendent and educator to serve as interim Superintendent of Schools, effective Thursday, May 23, 2024. This will ensure continuity of programs and services, while the Board determines its next steps. Before his retirement, Dr. Groveman served as Superintendent of Schools in several districts, as well as an Assistant Superintendent in all areas of district administration. We anticipate a smooth transition as we plan for the future of our district. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.”

There was no further information immediately available.


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  1. One thousand dollars a day for his temporary replacement??? This is why our property taxes are so high, these superintendent’s salaries are insane!

      1. Don’t be ridiculous . Saying 100 a day is just as foolish as 1000. Can there be a reasonable middle ground? 500 maybe. 500 is very well compensated and not a strain on the budget.

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