Huntington Schools Going Full Remote Next Week

The Huntington school district will go fully remote three days next week as the quarantining of students and staff because tracing Covid-19 cases has reached a critical point, Superintendent James W. Polansky said Thursday.

This Friday’s schedule is unaffected by the decision to go remote.

The schools will be then closed Dec. 24-Jan.1 for the Christmas holiday.

Polansky said. “The switch to remote for next week begins a period that will include over two weeks at home for students and most staff, which can work to the benefit of all if conscious efforts are made over the holiday recess to avoid social gatherings, distance appropriately, continue wearing masks in public, and maintain all other safety protocol.”

The district will follow its remote-learning schedule here.

Some other districts, including South Huntington, are taking breaks around the holiday to reduce quarantine time and efforts as cases come into the districts through through community exposure.

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