Huntington Shows Off Its Covid-19 Masks

The requirement to wear masks takes effect Friday, meaning New Yorkers have to  wear face coverings when social distancing isn’t assured, including while shopping, passing other people on a sidewalk or using transportation.

Bandannas and scarves are also acceptable. The goal is to further limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

We asked a number of residents to show off their masks, a mix of homemade design and professionally made coverings of varying colors, sizes and styles.

Among those shown are:

The Donovan family; Huntington resident Judy Cartwright; Dr. David Bennardo; Tracey Edwards; Amy Giles; Salma Iqbal; James W. Polansky; Dr. Michael Grosso; Barbara Wildfeir; Ken Johnson; unnamed children; Jen Hebert; James Tomeo; John Cronin; Inspector William Scrima; Dr. Eve Krief; unknown man; Ali Aievoli; Pastor Danny Rivera; Iris Quigley; the Rev. Kim Gambino; Kate Deegan; Liisa May; Mark Cronin; Laura Palacios; Matt Harris; Channing Kury; June Margolin; Pilar Moya; Pat Giles; Helen Murdock-Prep; Legis. Tom Donnelly; the Schabers; Theresa Jacobellis; unknown man; Eric Alexander;  Pam Robinson; Officer Claudia Delgado; unknown man; Dana E. Richter.

New Jersey and Maryland have imposed similar requirements on their residents.

People gave a variety of reasons for wearing them: to keep themselves safe, to protect others or to meet the new state requirement.

If you haven’t been able to find a mask to buy, check out this guide to making your own.

Mask-Making 101–How to Protect Others




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