Huntington Station Store Reopens After Car Crash

A Huntington Station store has reopened, five months after a car crashed through its front window.

In March, five people were injured when the car crashed through the storefront of Painted Pieces at 680 East Jericho Turnpike.

“It kind of came out of nowhere,” said Steven Walters, a graphic designer at Painted Pieces. “I was working just normally and then all of a sudden, you just heard this loud boom, almost like thunder.”

He recalled seeing his coworker fly toward him and a wave of rubble coming. Everything happened almost instantaneously. according to Walters.

“There was barely any time to react because of how sudden it was,” he explained. “You’re not thinking a car’s going to go through your building and then all of a sudden it just happens.”

Owner Sally Barish was out of the store on an appointment that day and received a phone call about what happened.

On how the incident affected the business, Barish said that it was a major disruption, since no one could work in the studio.

“We tiptoed from the back door because the back of the studio was untouched,” Barish said. “We had our phones re-set up temporarily, we had phone lines transferred to cell phones, but it was definitely a lot of downtime because of it.“

Now, Painted Pieces is back up and running. The store officially reopened in June after repairs and rebuilding were done but artwork was still being made in the meantime.

Painted Pieces offers everything from hand painted murals for residential or commercial spaces to graphic designs and business logos, among other artworks.





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