Huntington Station Woman Accused of Double Murder Plot

Updated: A Huntington Station woman pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges she plotted to have two people murdered in order to bring her former husband back to her.

Elsy Rodriguez Garcia, 25, was arraigned in front of state Supreme Court Justice William Condon, who ordered her held on bail of $750,000 cash or bond. 

The office of Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini said that Rodriguez Garcia tried to hire a hitman via the WhatsApp app to kill the man’s mother, 57, and his daughter, 5,  from a previous relationship. She sent photos of the two to the purported assassin and planned for the killings to occur in Ecuador, where it was supposed to look like a robbery. 

“These were clearly not empty threats; this was a cold, calculated decision to have two people murdered, one of whom is a five-year-old child,”  Sini said. “Thankfully this plot came to the attention of law enforcement before it was successfully carried out, and the detectives on this case took immediate steps to ensure the safety of the targets and to prevent these two murders from taking place.”

“Thanks to the efficient work of the Suffolk County Police Department and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Rodriguez-Garcia was indicted on attempted murder and conspiracy charges,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart said. “Even though her plan was revealed before it was carried out, individuals like Rodriguez-Garcia don’t usually stop until they get what they want. I would like to commend the investigators on this case who ensured Rodriguez-Garcia was brought to justice before anyone was hurt.”

Newsday reported that her attorney, William Ferro of Hauppauge, said, “This is a crime that never could have been committed,” and that payment was not offered or made. He said she first reached out to the ex-husband’s brother to find a killer.

 Sini said that when Rodriguez Garcia was shown a  photo doctored by the Suffolk County police that purportedly showed two dead bodies, she promised to wire the $6,000 fee the next day. Instead, she was arrested. Sini said the photo of the girl she sent the assassin showed her recent graduation from kindergarten.

Sini: Huntington Station Resident Indicted in Gang Murder Plot


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