Huntington Teen Dies After Battle With Cancer

Gabrielle Velouria Cava, 16, died Sunday afternoon after a lengthy battle with a rare cancer.

Her parents posted about her passing on

Her father, David, wrote, “She passed peacefully about two hours ago. The last thing she said was how much she loved us all. We are shook up, but okay. Please respect our privacy if you don’t know us well.

“Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. If you would be willing to transfer those prayers over to the rest of our family, we’d appreciate it. We’ll post arrangements when we have them. XOXO Team Gabby. Love you all.”

About 200 residents gathered at the Cava home in Huntington in early December to sing Christmas carols for the girl and her parents, Dave and Audra. 

Gabby, 16,  was diagnosed in April 2018 with Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma and had been in and out of hospitals since then, with her father chronicling her day by day struggles and setbacks.

Friends Gather to Sing Carols for Teen With Cancer


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