Huntington Town Board to Vote Nov. 19 on Operating Budget

The Huntington Town Board will vote Nov. 19 on its proposed  $208.2 million  operating budget that was presented at a hearing last week.

While the budget allows for the town to avoid layoffs, it does mean a 1.94 percent tax increase for most taxpayers.

Here are the departmental breakdowns in the proposed budget.

“Operating expenses are expected to remain flat for 2021 while we allow for the growth of infrastructure,
ensure the delivery of essential services and stay well under the Tax Cap – in fact, we are one of the very few
municipalities that came in under the tax cap,” said Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci. “Just as families are being
expected to do more with less, the Town has an obligation to do the same. Our goal was to not ask taxpayers
for one cent more than last year’s budget and we did a better job at achieving that than most municipalities. I
am truly proud of the 2021 budget.”

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