Huntington’s Farming Roots on Display in Town Exhibit

An exhibit featuring Huntington’s long history of farming is open in the archives of Huntington Town Clerk Andrew P. Raia.

Raia has planned two events to celebrate Archives Month 2020. The Town Archivist and staff have installed an exhibit to highlight the “Farming in Huntington.”

All images and artifacts used for the exhibit are on loan to the Archives from owners of the participating farms. The exhibit will be on display on all three floors of Huntington Town Hall for one year and will be open to the public free, by appointment.  Call the Town Clerk’s Office at (631) 351-3206 or the Town Archivist at (631) 351-3035 to schedule a tour.

Town Clerk Andrew P. Raia said, “The images, artifacts and antique items loaned to the exhibit provide an in-depth look into the evolution of farming in Huntington and serve as an educational experience for individuals of all ages. For those interested in viewing the exhibit or learning more about the town’s archives, please feel free to reach out to my office directly for further information.”

Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci presented Raia with a proclamation commemorating American Archives Month in front of the Town Clerk’s “Farming in Huntington” exhibit, open by appointment, on October 20.  

“Our rural roots are on display in the Town Clerk’s “Farming in Huntington” exhibit, which also punctuates the need to preserve this type of open space to maintain the character of our Town,”  Lupinacci, who presented a proclamation on behalf of the Town Board to  Raia declaring October as Archives Month in the Town of Huntignton.

The exhibit’s participating farms include:

A virtual “Farming in Huntington” exhibit with an interactive tour map is also in production, which will be announced when it is available.


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