Huntington’s Infinite Tucker Leads Protest of Confederate Statue

Former Huntington High School star athlete Infinite Tucker, who is a senior track hurdler at Texas A&M University, climbed to the top of a controversial Confederate statue Sunday night and waved a Black Lives Matter flag, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Tucker is among a group of students trying to have the  Sullivan Ross statue removed from the Texas A&M campus, because Ross, who was a general in the Confederate army and a president of A&M who helped prevent the university from closing – fought on the side of slavery.

On Sunday, as about 100 students encircled the statue to protect it, Tucker got around the group and climbed 12 feet off the ground, the paper said, where he waved the BLM flag. “If the roles were reversed and my people enslaved your people and killed your people, and we had a … general that stood for slavery against white people, would you feel comfortable with this statue here?”


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