iPad Donations Needed for Use in Telemedicine

The Huntington Public Library is boosting an appeal for iPads to donate to Stony Brook Medicine during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The devices will be used to connect inpatients with medical staff. All iPads received will be repurposed; the donated devices will connect our inpatients to our clinical staff using both audio and visual communications. This telemedicine approach will help keep  medical staff members safer by reduciing direct exposure to COVID-19 patients. Stony Brook Medicine is looking for 100 devices (i.e., must be a supported iPad model).

To donate a device, please reset it first, make sure it’s clean (i.e. remove any files and/or pictures stored), and place it in a zip-lock bag along with the power cord. To arrange a drop-off time, please contact Joan Dickinson, Stony Brook University Community Relations Director, at [email protected]

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